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Get certified to work in one of Australia’s fastest-growing sectors, the Aged Care, Community and Disability Care sectors

Are you ready to begin a new career path? Support Workers are one of the fastest-growing careers opportunities in Australia. An opportunity to work hands on with people who truly need the care and professionalism you can offer. The first step is to get certified or up-skill your qualifications with Smart Nation Education!

Approved Programs

Smart Nation Education is a leading provider of approved training programs for those who have an interest in the aged care, Community, and disability sector. Our aim is to assist with developing and nurturing cultures that are focused on caring for elderly or disabled people by educating interested learners across Australia.

Payment Plans

We offer a wide range of courses that will equip you with the skills necessary to be successful in this industry. We also help through our tuition fee payment plan which makes it easier for you to study without having any upfront costs! So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Online Training Courses

The Smart Nation Education Group was created to fill a need where qualified professionals are needed. The online training courses we offer give people the opportunity to learn and educate themselves so they can provide essential care in their own communities, as well as help promote dignity and independence for those that require it most.

What makes our programs unique is that we offer certification classes for all different levels of experience: from new graduates just starting out on an aged-care career path or graduate looking for employment opportunities, up through experienced employees who want to supplement what they already know through continuing education. These courses will be available virtually anytime you like, at any time day or night!

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Join our classroom in Milton, QLD or online, and become immersed in an approved training program you will give you the necessary skills employers are looking for.

The Aged Care Worker Online Training Program Model

This is a fast-growing online training platform that leverages Australia’s largest professional services provider.

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Which program is right for you? Are you interested in becoming a residential disability support worker? Perhaps you are more interested in learning more about Ageing support? Take a look at our courses to find something that fits your passion

A Fast-Growing Sector

This is one of Australia’s fastest-growing sectors. Additionally, it is your time to get involved with an industry that is experiencing a growth curve. Now is the perfect time to leap headfirst into a new, exciting, relevant, and fulfilling career path that has a wide-open path to advancement.

Do Something That Matters

Why work on something that doesn’t make a difference in someone’s life? You can truly help someone suffering from terrible pain, life-threatening illnesses, and really make a difference in their life. Whether it’s dementia or assisting clients with medication, you can truly make a difference.

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